Measures of Sucess

What does success look like? Does the manifestation of success change from person to person or is there a universal standard by which we measure it?

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Earlier this month I was fortunate to see Layne Beachley present at the Business Women Albury Wodonga Annual Gala evening. Within the opening five minutes of her presentation, I was in tears……

Why Would You Want to be Disliked?

I was sitting outside with my children recently, reading a book while they played. After a while, my eldest came over to me to have a chat…

Change is a Choice

Change is a choice; a conscious and deliberate choice. We all have the capability to choose change.

Why are you in Business?

Have you ever asked yourself “Why am I in business?” We are each in business because we believe in what we are doing and where we are going, right?

End of Financial Year Nearly Killed Me

For those working in financial services, you will likely understand when I say I am glad end of financial year is once again complete.

The Power of Never Giving Up

What happens when we get really clear about what is important to us but we have not developed the capacity and resilience to back ourselves?

The Business Family

Owning and running a business can be a lonesome undertaking, a solitary existence with a never ending sequence of toil and hard work.

Who am I?

A lot of what you will read in this blog, at least initially, will come from me, Natalie Owens. I am one of three Directors here at BMG and a Chartered Accountant by trade.