Who am I?

“Those who have a ‘why’ to live, can bear with almost any ‘how’”

– Viktor E Frankl

A lot of what you will read in this blog, at least initially, will come from me, Natalie Owens. I am one of three Directors here at BMG and a Chartered Accountant by trade.

When you look at me, you might see a forty-year-old woman who appears to have her life all figured out. Perhaps you see an intelligent woman running a successful and reputable business. Maybe a working mother maintaining the perpetual juggling act with expert skill. Or perhaps someone else?

When I lay in bed at night or when I look at myself in the mirror each morning, I don’t see who you might see and it is important you understand this. It will provide context to what you read here.
When I look at myself, I see a woman with the soul and energy of a twenty-five year old, who has all the drive and desire to take the opportunity that is life and make it her own. I am not naïve or green about the world, though. I carry the wisdom of a woman who has experienced suffering synonymous with life and has lived long enough to learn some important lessons.

I see a leader in the making, doing the best I can with the tools I have, ever evolving, learning and growing in the hope of making a significant impact for good in the lives of the people I lead and serve.

I am the mother of two little girls; the ultimate test of patience, responsibility and humility.

You will often find me tucked up quietly with my nose in a book or fiercely scribbling in an ever-present notebook, dedicating energy to appease my insatiable appetite for learning.

Being clear about what matters to me and having a firm vision for myself, means every day is spent in pursuit of my higher purpose, to lead others to lead themselves.
I am also my biggest critic and often my own worst enemy. This darker side of my being is ever present, manifested as doubt, insecurity and the overwhelming feeling that I am just not enough.

As you engage with us through this forum, please take what sings to you and disregard the rest. We take no offence. Our purpose here is to get the conversation started, first and foremost with your self, and to reassure you, you are not alone.

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