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eNews – October 2019

In this month’s newsletter, we begin by discussing your total super balance and several wealth accumulation strategies. Our animation illustrates the difference between nominal and real rate of return, which is an important consideration when assessing an investment’s performance. The Commonwealth Seniors Health Card provides those eligible, with a variety of benefits, not just limited to health; we take a look at this. A Bill recently passed through parliament, building upon the previously passed ‘Protecting Your Super Package’; we explore this further. Lastly, we leave you with an insightful TED Talk by Susan Pinker, a longevity researcher, who highlights the importance of social interaction, especially as you age.

Also, to help you test out your financial knowledge, we have put together a special crossword. The area of focus is all things estate planning. We hope you enjoy it! The answers will feature in next month’s newsletter.

Your total super balance and wealth accumulation

Did you know that several wealth accumulation strategies can be impacted by your total super balance (TSB)? In this article, we discuss your TSB and these wealth accumulation strategies in detail.

Nominal vs real rate of return animation

When assessing an investment’s performance, it’s important to consider the information in front of you. In this animation, we illustrate the difference between nominal and real rate of return.

Retirees and the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card

As you make your way through your retirement years, you may start to find that your expenditure on healthcare increases. In this article, we take a closer look at the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card.

1 April 2020: ‘Protecting Your Super Package’ 2.0

A bill, which builds upon the previously passed ‘Protecting Your Super Package’, recently passed through parliament. In this article, we explore the combined impact of these pieces of legislation.

Social interaction and other longevity factors

Genetics, gender, healthcare and lifestyle are all factors that can affect longevity. In this TED Talk, Susan Pinker, a longevity researcher, discusses an often overlooked factor, social interaction.

Estate planning crossword: Questions

Estate planning is about planning who gets what assets, at what time and in what manner upon your passing. In this crossword, we cover the different components relating to the planning of your estate.