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eNews – December 2023

n this month’s newsletter, we explore some of the often-overlooked aspects of estate planning beyond your Will. Then, we uncover a few mistakes that new investors should know about if they want to stay out of the ATO’s bad books.

Next, we look at the challenges faced by those returning to the workforce and how they might be able to put their best foot forward. We also offer a few strategies that might help those who have been forced into an early retirement. Finally, financial educator Nicole Pedersen-McKinnon offers some tips to get your super balance looking healthier.

Enjoy the edition.

14 estate planning essentials beyond your Will

There’s a lot more to the estate planning process than getting your Will sorted. Here are a few additional items that, depending on your situation, you might need to check off the list.

Tax time mistakes every investor should avoid

Markets have seen an influx of new investors over the last few years, but many Australians remain painfully unaware of some of the tax rules that apply.

Kickstarting your career after an extended break

Whether you’re scouring the job boards or sitting across an interviewer, a prolonged absence from work can hurt your confidence. If you’re looking to get your career back up and running, here are some tips.

Making the most of an unexpected early retirement

Retirement isn’t always as glamorous as it’s made out to be, but things can be especially challenging if the decision to leave the workforce wasn’t yours to begin with.

4 super strategies for families

Financial educator Nicole Pedersen-McKinnon offers a few tips for families looking to maximise their super.