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eNews – February 2022

This month’s newsletter begins by discussing retirement and ageing in place—and the concept of the liveable and adaptable home. We have an animation that illustrates the steps often involved in the personal insurance claims process. We cover the details on contributing to super via carry-forward (catch-up) concessional contributions. We provide an exercise on future self-continuity, which may help with getting ahead (and staying the course) financially to realising goals. We also share a HuffPost video where Holland Haiis, a productivity expert, gives valuable tips on working from home without letting productivity or wellbeing suffer.

Lastly, Vanessa Stoykov’s latest financial education piece looks at why it’s important to have a safety net in place to help weather unexpected financial events—and three steps to consider when looking to build one.

Ageing in place: The liveable and adaptable home

Many older Australians desire to age in place, though housing and care needs change as people age. In this article, we cover retirees ageing in place—and the ‘liveable and adaptable home’ concept.

Personal insurance: Claims process

Making an insurance claim after an unfortunate health event can add additional stress, especially if you are unfamiliar with the claims process. In this animation, we illustrate the claims process.

Carry-forward (catch-up) concessional contributions

If you work casual or part-time, take time out of work, or have ‘lumpy’ income, it can mean periods where no super contributions are made. In this article, we discuss the carry-forward provision.

Finance exercise: A letter from your future self

“Our future self is the beneficiary or unfortunate inheritor of all our major decisions and daily choices.“ (Ganschow et al., 2021). In this article, we share a future self-continuity exercise.

Working remotely: Productivity and wellbeing tips

The increase in remote working is likely here to stay—one way (fully remote) or another (hybrid). In this video, there are tips on working remotely without having productivity or wellbeing suffer.

Vanessa Stoykov: 3 steps to building a safety net

Vanessa Stoykov is a renowned Australian money educator. In this special financial education piece, Vanessa explains the benefits of safety nets—and 3 steps to consider when looking to build one.