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eNews – Federal Budget 2019

There have been many unofficial catchphrases making the rounds with regards to the 2019-20 Federal Budget such as Pre-Election Budget, Back in Black, Budgeting for a Miracle, and Pre-Poll Cash Splash.

This being said, the 2019-20 Federal Budget is being officially referred to by the Government as a ‘Stronger Economy, Better Future for Australians’.

With this in mind, the Federal Budget priorities, and subsequent proposed measures, primarily focus on delivering in the following areas:

  • a better tax system
  • investing in economic and community infrastructure
  • delivering skills for today and tomorrow
  • guaranteeing essential services
  • restoring trust in the financial system


Below we have provided you with an article that covers the main proposed measures that may be relevant to you and your personal finances, as well as three videos that may be of interest if you want to know more.

Please contact us if you wish to discuss any aspect of this year’s Federal Budget or how it may affect you.

2019 Budget: The ‘Back in Black, Pre-Election’ Proposed Measures

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg delivered the 2019-20 Federal Budget on 2 April 2019. We provide you with a summary of the main proposed measures that may be relevant to you and your personal finances.

2019 Budget: Guardian Australia and the Political Context

Guardian Australia’s political editor Katharine Murphy highlights the political context of the 2019-20 Federal Budget, given the Government’s wish to hand it down before the next election.

2019 Budget: ABC and Key Numbers Explained

As a result of the proposed measures that have come out of Treasurer Josh Frydenberg’s 2019-20 Federal Budget, ABC’s national affairs correspondent Greg Jennett explains the key numbers.

2019 Budget: PwC and the ‘Prudence Prevails’ Budget

PwC’s chief economist Jeremy Thorpe discusses his thoughts on the 2019-20 Federal Budget, “Prudence prevails in this budget, but with challenges around low wage growth there’s a lot more to do.”