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eNews – March 2017

March is here, the first month of autumn. Hopefully we edge away from those volatile summer temperatures and see more stable weather. Although, in this newsletter edition we’ve decided to turn up the heat on a few hot topics in the world of personal finance.

This month we review the upcoming changes to superannuation concessional and non-concessional frameworks. Our animation discusses the risks retirees may face when it finally comes time to retire. Claiming on your personal insurances can be a daunting process, we help you better understand the steps involved. The shock of a high electricity bill can have you feeling a little flat, we give you some useful tips on handling your household energy consumption. And finally, we leave you with a video that looks at the positive effects of getting behind a worthy cause.

Capturing the super cap limit deadline

The annual concessional and non-concessional contribution cap superannuation limits (and the maximum bring-forward rule) will decrease from 1 July 2017, but there are still opportunities to maximise your super contributions now and in future, see how you can do it.

The risks in retirement

There are many risks that you may face when it finally comes time to retire, such as investment, legislative and longevity risk. In this animation, we discuss these and other risks that may impact your expected retirement lifestyle.

Life event: Claims process for personal insurance

Claiming on your personal insurances at a time that is both financially and emotionally stressful can be a daunting process. We help you better understand what may be involved by looking at the steps commonly associated with making a claim.

Electricity bills: Time to get wired

It’s probably safe to say that at some point in your life you’ve opened your electricity bill and got a little surprised with the total amount due – and, not in a good way. We charter our way through the ‘household-electricity-sphere’ to help you become a little more energy-savvy in the future.

3D printed prosthetic hands are changing lives

Often people feel that there is something limiting their ability to reach their financial goals. Could it be our money personality and spending habits? In this video, we see how someone’s life is positively impacted when others reach out by ‘making something to make a difference’.