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eNews – November 2022

While inflation, interest rates and house prices are all on the move, most of us are having to become experts at adapting to change. Whether that’s re-visiting the budget, making different money choices, or pivoting in a new direction.

This month, we cover some things to consider if you’re deciding when to sell a property, we invite lawyer Katerina Peiros to share some common pitfalls to avoid when passing on money to children, and we look at some ways to help offset the rising cost of retirement.

With online security being a hot topic right now, we also speak to a cyber security expert about some steps you can take to protect your personal information online. And, if you’re already feeling the pressure of holiday season gift buying, we’ve got some ideas to help keep your finances intact.

Enjoy the edition.

Common pitfalls to avoid when passing on your wealth

Passing on your wealth to the next generation can come with complexities. Lawyer Katerina Peiros shares some common pitfalls to watch out for.

3 ways to protect yourself from online fraud

Fraser Jack at Cyber Collective shares some essential ingredients to a safety-first mindset online, and practical tips to help protect yourself.

Q&A: The cost of retirement is going up, what can I do about it?

If you’re in the lead up to retirement, you may be wondering what you can do to help keep your retirement plans on track. Read on for some ideas.

Sell now or wait? Deciding when to sell a property

When is the ‘right time’ to sell a property? Read up on things to consider when weighing up your options.

5 tips to reduce your holiday season spending bill

If you have a habit of getting caught up in a last minute gift-buying frenzy, we’ve got some tips to help keep your finances under control.