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eNews – October 2022

I’m sure you’ll agree, it can be difficult to escape the negative headlines dominating the news at the moment. But it’s not all doom and gloom. While rising interest rates are not good news for homeowners, for savers it can be an opportunity to reassess your savings strategy.

This month, we look at some of the potential pros and cons of investing in a term deposit. We speak to Catherine Denney at Nook Money about negotiating a home loan rate, we share some tips on dealing with fluctuating income and we highlight some of the aged care options for elderly parents.

Plus, if you’re finding that financial stress is affecting your relationship, we’ve got some ideas to help with that too.

Enjoy the edition.

3 tips on negotiating a home loan rate

Mortgage Broker Catherine Denney from Nook Money shares tips to help with getting a good outcome from a phone call to your lender.

5 ways to help fend off financial stress in a relationship

Money worries can affect even the strongest relationships. We share some ideas on helping to keep financial harmony intact with your nearest and dearest.

Q&A: Should I consider investing in a term deposit? (It depends)

When interest rates change, checking in on your savings strategy can be a good idea. We share some things to consider if you are thinking about investing in a term deposit.

7 tips on dealing with fluctuating income

Being self-employed can come with its challenges. If you have ‘lumpy’ income to deal with, here are a few tips on how to manage this income in good times, and bad.

Choosing aged care for elderly parents

Deciding on the type of aged care is often one of the most difficult decisions to make. We look at the main differences between in-home care, residential care, and retirement living.