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eNews – April 2022

This month we discuss cryptocurrencies—a complex subject with a story of caution. Next, we explore the conditions of release for superannuation, followed by an article on the benefits of delayed gratification. We also break down the two traits all billionaires seem to have, and provide an animation illustrating important information about home loans and refinancing. Finally, we look at investor behaviour in a crisis and how to avoid making poor decisions.

Talking crypto - a story of caution

Between June and November of 2021, a group of Australians collectively lost an estimated $374,000 to a crypto investment scam. We hear a lot about the highs but there are also many lows.

Superannuation: conditions of release

To be eligible to access super, you must be able to meet a specified condition of release. In this article, we give an overview of the conditions of release—which isn’t limited to ‘attaining age…

Delayed gratification is a key to wealth (if you can wait long enough)

Becoming a master of delayed gratification means you can buy as many marshmallows as you want, forever. Delayed gratification is basically your ability to resist the allure of an instant reward.

Two billionaire traits you can adopt

Vanessa Stoykov has known billionaires, millionaires, and those who aspire to be—and there are two common denominators that come up time and time again. Find out what they are.

Home loans and refinancing

Your home loan will likely be the largest debt you pay off in your lifetime, by taking a proactive approach you could free up cash flow sooner.

4 tips to stop bad decisions during a crisis

Dr. Kirsten MacDonald from Griffith University provides critical insights on how to avoid a triple whammy when making investment decisions in a crisis.