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eNews – May 2022

It’s almost the end of the financial year, so this month we’re bringing you some things to consider as we approach June 30. We share ideas that may help you accelerate your savings, plus we discuss what to bear in mind if you’re thinking about helping your children get into the property market. 

If you need a mental health boost, we’ve got this covered too with some helpful tips on overcoming life’s unexpected challenges and how to stop money from ruling your emotions.

Enjoy the edition.

Proceed with caution Bank of Mum and Dad

Stepping in to help children enter the property market might be a noble thing to do. But it can come with a few risks that are worth being aware of.

5 important considerations for 2021-22 EOFY

EOFY is just around the corner. Learn 5 things that may help to reduce your personal income tax and/or provide for your retirement.

Accelerate your savings with the help of science

If your saving efforts are feeling sluggish, here are some simple yet effective science-backed ideas to try on for size. One might just work for you.

Vanessa Stoykov: How to stop money ruling your emotions

Your money and emotions are interconnected, more than you might realise. Learn some handy tips on how to navigate uncomfortable emotions and make smarter money decisions.

How to get through life's unexpected challenges

Just when you thought you’d reached your limit, life throws more unexpected challenges directly in your path. Read on for some tips to get you through a difficult time.