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eNews – April 2023

It’s natural to feel nervous about current economic events and the potential prospect of a recession later this year – there is no escaping the headlines. But we’re here to tell you that there are ways to stay on track with your longer term goals, even if the short term feels a bit uneasy and uncertain.

This month, a financial therapist shares some practical tips to help ease financial stress. We look at dollar cost averaging as an option to keep investing while markets are volatile and spare cash might be in short supply.

We also take a look at offset vs redraw facilities as a possible means to help reduce the long term cost of your mortgage. If you’re planning to start a family, we’ve got some ideas to help keep your savings and plans on track. And, if you’re looking ahead to the cost of retirement with trepidation, learn how to shift your mindset and take control of your future. 

Enjoy the edition

Why little and often can be a smart investment strategy

You don’t need a lump sum to keep the momentum going on your investments. Smaller, regular investments can be just as powerful.

3 expert tips on coping with financial stress

Financial therapist Jane Monica-Jones shares some useful strategies to have in your toolkit if things get tough.

Why knowing your retirement number can be the best antidote to FORO

If you’re suffering from Fear of Running Out (FORO), we’ve got some ideas to get you unstuck and on track with your future.

Q&A: How can we save and start a family when money is tight?

We share some smart strategies to help keep your plans to start a family firmly intact.

Offset vs Redraw: What’s the difference?

When mortgage repayments are on the up, using your home loan features to their full advantage can be a smart strategy.