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eNews – March 2023

Most of us would have preferred 2023 to look a bit different. The continued hike in the cost of living, soaring interest rates and global uncertainty aren’t showing any signs of slowing just yet.

But fear not. This month, we have some tips to help you stay resilient while we ride out a period of turbulence, and we bring you a super simple animation on inflation risk, something to be more aware of right now.

While you may be focused on the here and now, it’s just as important to keep your future finances in sight. Learn why you may need to check in on your Will, and any insurance you have through super.

And, if you’re sandwiched between looking after parents, kids and / or grandkids, we’ve got some tips to help you balance your commitment to your loved ones, and yourself.

Enjoy the edition.

How to stay resilient in uncertain times

Kick fear to the curb with some useful and practical tips on staying financially and emotionally resilient when things feel unsteady.

Q&A: What is inflation risk, and what can I do about it?

Inflation; it’s one of the most talked about topics right now. But what can it mean for your longer term financial position?

8 signs your Will may need an update

When was the last time you reviewed your Will? Do you even have one? Learn the common life events that can date your current Will.

Caught in the middle: a sandwich generation that keeps on giving

Helping out loved ones is often part and parcel of being in a family. But are you overextending on your finances and time?

5 things to check on with insurance through super

Insurance premiums that are deducted from your super balance are easy to forget about. If you have insurance through super, read on.