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eNews – April 2024

In this month’s newsletter, we address a fear shared by many parents who have given their children an early inheritance: having it eaten up in a divorce settlement. And with many people reconsidering their retirement plans these days, we look at whether you can return to work once you’ve started receiving your super.

Next, we review some common scams to be aware of this year. And for those fortunate enough to receive a large cash windfall, we run through some of the things you can do to help secure your newfound wealth. Finally, financial educator Vanessa Stoykov offers some tips for couples who struggle when talking about money matters.

Enjoy the edition.

Protecting your child's inheritance from divorce

If you’ve given your child an early inheritance or a large sum to help buy a property, you might be wondering what would become of it if they were to split up with their partner.

Can you start working again after receiving your super?

Circumstances change, and you might be thinking about returning to work after having entered retirement. But is this allowed if you’ve already accessed your super?

The financial scams to watch out for in 2024

Australians lost a total of $477 million to scams last year, with the majority of victims falling in the over-65 category. Here are a few common ploys used by cybercriminals you should be aware of.

Immediate steps to take after receiving a large cash windfall

Receiving a large sum of money can seem like a blessing at first. But the novelty and excitement can quickly give way to stress and decision paralysis.

The tough financial conversations couples shouldn’t avoid

Many people aren’t comfortable discussing money, even with their partner. But sweeping money matters under the rug can lead to problems down the track.