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eNews – March 2024

In this month’s newsletter, we take a look at how seemingly small lies about money can put your relationship in jeopardy. We also compare the challenges faced by different generations of Aussie homebuyers and ask who really has it worse.

Next, we shine a spotlight on some super-related tax deductions that often get overlooked. And for current or soon-to-be retirees, we explore the many health benefits associated with volunteering. Finally, financial educator Vanessa Stoykov offers some tips for parents who are looking to teach their kids about money.

Enjoy the edition.

Financial infidelity: The toxic trait that can tank your relationship

It’s not the end of the world if you and your partner aren’t totally compatible when it comes to money. But things can get particularly messy when one partner feels the need to lie to the other.

Buying property now vs 30 years ago

Today’s property landscape might seem unfriendly to first home buyers, but do younger Australians really have it worse than their parents did?

The tax deduction not many people talk about

There’s been a lot of focus on the rejigged stage 3 tax cuts. But there’s another way to potentially reduce your taxes, and it receives comparatively little attention.

Volunteering has plenty of benefits for retirees. Should you take it up?

Our post-work years often lack the structure and meaning that our working years did. For those looking for a substitute, volunteering might be the answer.

The game-changing money conversations to have with your kids

Important as they might be, good financial management skills aren’t always taught in schools. What are some strategies parents can use to get their kids thinking about money?