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eNews – October 2023

So many aspects of our financial lives are outside our control — from tax rates to the cost of goods to how well the market performs. But that’s not to say we’re powerless in shaping our financial futures. 

By focusing on the things we can control, we can potentially reduce stress and direct more energy towards strengthening our financial position. This lens might also help us develop a healthier relationship with money too.

This month, we look at the fixed rate cliff and some ways borrowers might be able to soften the blow of higher repayments. We also explore some of the difficult decisions you might need to be prepared for when writing a Will.

Next, we look at your super and a few things you can do to help with getting your balance looking healthy. And for those who are looking to supplement their retirement income with the Age Pension, we have a refresher on the key points. 

Finally, we round out the newsletter with a video about psychological blind spots and how they might hamper your efforts to save for retirement.

Enjoy the edition.

Tips to help with surviving the fixed rate cliff

The low fixed rates many Australians locked in over the pandemic period are gradually expiring. If you’re worried about what’s on the other side of the fixed rate cliff, here are some tips to help…

Writing a Will? 4 nerve-wracking decisions you might face

Writing a Will can be a daunting — not to mention emotional — task. But without considering these questions, your efforts at end-of-life planning may be incomplete.

The ins and outs of the Age Pension

The Age Pension is an important source of income for millions of Australian retirees. But there are plenty of rules you’ll need to be aware of before you apply.

Getting super fit: What to do if your super balance is lagging

Being proactive when it comes to your super can potentially have major benefits. Here are some steps you can take to help bring the retirement you want within reach.

Psychological blind spots and saving for retirement

Behavioural finance expert Simon Russell shares some ways that gaps in our knowledge can affect our plans for retirement.