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eNews – September 2023

No one wants to be uninformed on issues relating to their finances, but we often can’t help but have blindspots. These can be minor and inconsequential, but sometimes what we don’t know can cause major problems down the track.

This month, we aim to address a few of these common knowledge gaps, starting with your super death benefit and the various ways it might go to someone unintended. We also explore ways you might be able to invest for your children without being slapped with a hefty tax bill. 

Next, we look at the “boomerang child” trend and things to consider if you’ve found yourself with a returning house guest. And with so many scams out there, a refresher on how to tell a phishing message from a legitimate one may be in order. Finally, Nicole Pedersen-McKinnon provides some tips to help save money on health insurance.

Enjoy the edition.

Can your super death benefit go to the wrong person?

Are you confident your super will go to your preferred beneficiary if you pass away? Here are a few scenarios that might cause trouble for you.

Why investing in your child’s name can be a bad idea

If you’re looking to invest for your child, you should know there can be major drawbacks to doing so in their name.

From empty nest to full house: Ways to cope when your adult child moves back home

Is your empty nest no longer empty? Here are some ways to navigate the emotional and financial challenges of an adult child moving back home.

How to tell a real message from a phishing scam

Learn to spot the telltale signs of fraudulent messages and help keep your finances safe.

How to cut the cost of health insurance (without cutting the insurance)

Nicole Pedersen-McKinnon shares some tips to save money while still getting the most from your health insurance.